Sworn Declaration Presented After George Gascon’s Testimony

Former LAPD police chief and San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon once had a tight relationship with the police union that he now calls obstructive. According to a sworn statement by former POA president Gary Delagnes, Gascon did not show much concern for the diversity that was present in the police department. He went as… Read More »

Brian Bonar Receivers Award

In business, there are always some people who stand out among the rest. Brian Bonar has been working in the field of business for many decades. During that time, he has cultivated a lot of relationships that stay with him to this day. He recently received an award for networking, which was the highest honor… Read More »

Plus Size is Available From JustFab

Great News From Curvy Fashionista There was an article in thecurvyfashionista.com about JustFab. They are now offering a fantastic new plus size collection on the JustFab site. There is now an option to scroll right through “A Thick Girl’s Closet” on the site. The entire plus size community had made their voices and heard. JustFab… Read More »

Going Big and Bold With Lime Crime

The latest trend in makeup today is going big and bold. Bright lips are an absolute must this summer, whether it’s a raspberry pink or shocking shade of blue, vivid colors are in. Achieving those delectable lips or sultry eyes is simple when shopping at the right stores. Lime Crime is a great brand to… Read More »

iFunding is at the Hub of the Real Estate Crowdfunding Industry

Crowdfunding has taken off since 2000, driven by the ease of communication offered by the internet to individuals with money to invest. From creativity-fostering Kickstarter to a charity-focused platform like GoFundMe, the crowdfunding industry raises over $5 billion annually. It comes as no surprise, then, that crowdfunding in the real estate market as well. A… Read More »

George Soros Is Not Funding The Campaigns Of Republican Candidates

The Politifact Website on http://www.politifact.com/ohio/statements/2016/apr/04/trusted-leadership-pac/no-george-soros-not-bankrolling-john-kasichs-campa/ has recently been looking into a story I saw rise as campaigning for the 2016 U.S. Presidential election began to focus on the state of Wisconsin. The major focus of one of the more outlandish conspiracy theories of this election cycle stated that well known liberal donor George Soros on… Read More »

Sam Tabar In A Nutshell

Sam Tabar is a practicing attorney based in New York City. He specializes in offering advisory services to companies and individuals in hedge fund management and establishment. Sam is an alumni of Oxford University and Columbia University where he graduated with honors in each. Sam Tabar professional experience began at Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher and… Read More »

Coriant Look Ahead With New Technologies And New CEO

The technology brand Coriant has been at the forefront of the latest technologies available to the networking industry that has seen the company reach customers in more than 100 countries since being established in 2013. The company has remained successful throughout its time as a high profile entrant into the technology industry, which has seen… Read More »

Thor Halvorssen Speaks on Socialism and Human Rights

Thor Halvorssen, president and founder of the Human Rights Foundation, sat down with Fox News and gave an interview on his take on U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders’ support of democratic socialist policies in his presidential campaign. Halvorssen says that his main problem with the way that socialism is implemented in general is that it typically… Read More »

Staying Comfortable and Trendy As You Exercise

  Fabletics is a clothes line that was started by Kate Hudson. Its parent company is JustFab and Adam Goldenberg is the co-founder and co-CEO of this endeavour. It has a particular subscription service for its clients whereby the shoppers receive outfits on discount once a month, and it is taken off their credit card.… Read More »