Investment Flight To New York’s Real Estate Market

Investors are succumbing to the fight or flight response with regard to the EU Brexit vote, and all the investors in Europe who are unsure of their position are now moving their money to New York. The New York real estate market is considered one of the highest quality in the world, and investors are… Read More »

Sanjay Shah, the British Investor with a Big Heart

Sanjay Shah relocated to the United Kingdom after his parents moved from Kenya when he was a young kid. He studied in one of the prestigious schools in London because his parents could afford it. He also grew up in an affluent neighborhood. He had an opportunity to settle for the career of liking choice.… Read More »

Brad Reifler: Setting the Standards for Business Success

In today’s competitive business world, being able to achieve success as an entrepreneur and investor is harder than ever. However, for those who set a goal for success and don’t stop until that goal is met, business success can reach unprecedented levels. Such is the case with Brad Reifler, who for more than three decades… Read More »

Ross Abelow Is Working To Help Animals

Ross Abelow long practiced law in the New York City area. He was very successful and well liked as a lawyer, but he also started a very well known animal rights campaign. He recognized the problem in NYC and the surrounding area with stray dogs and cats. In order to help make the lives of… Read More »

Sworn Declaration Presented After George Gascon’s Testimony

Former LAPD police chief and San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon once had a tight relationship with the police union that he now calls obstructive. According to a sworn statement by former POA president Gary Delagnes, Gascon did not show much concern for the diversity that was present in the police department. He went as… Read More »